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Why Choose Yakkyo?

Do you want to import goods from China? Save your money and time: with Yakkyo, you’ll have a complete solution from sourcing to delivery.

Importing from China certified products at factory prices.

Register on our website to get access to our catalog. Choose your products and in only 72 hours, we will send you a quotation with a comprehensive list of hidden cost like shipping and customs fee.

Only Guaranteed Suppliers

Yakkyo searches for you only goods made by guaranteed suppliers and provided with all the documents to pass through EU customs. We also guarantee a quality control of your products directly in China, before shipping them.

importare dalla Cina
spedire dalla Cina in Italia

No Customs Clearance Problems

What documents do you need to import goods from China? Which taxes you have to pay on those products? Yakkyo will give you a clear price that includes all the expenses down to the delivery.

In just one week, I received via DHL the gadgets I had ordered. Thanks Yakkyo, you are my heroes!
review 4

Ennio Pirolo

CEO di AmbiensVR
A fast, punctual and precise service. I could not ask for anything better.
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Antonio Calia

CEO di Manet
I want to source from China very technical and hard-to-find products. I was amazed: products identified immediately, delivered in a week and without bureaucratic problems.
review 5

Marco De Falco

CEO di RemoriaVR

Importing products from China has never been easier!